ZeratoR tweeted about MoMi!

ZeratoR a very big French Twitch Streamer seems to really enjoy playing Mobile Minigames. He uploaded his Face to the Game and is already Prestige 7 in the Campaign tower!

I recommend everyone to follow ZeratoR to get his Skin.

He hasn’t played MoMi on Livestream but he shared his referal Link via Twitter today.

I’ve been testing the Gatcha “Clash of streamers” for 3 days because watching my face kill mobs is funny. Here is my link that some have requested. It’s not an op or a collab. Nothing. Just the passion for addictive gaming at CON

Google Translator

Few hundred people already joined his community, which is amazing!

MoMi has also sparked some controversy with the Helicopter called Arnold inside the GeoPet Go Building. The Team responded quickly and removed it with a Hotfix.

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