When is MoMi release?

As most people already know Athene is back to streaming WoW. His goal is to reach a high rating in 3v3 Arena, build an audience and gain more relevance.

Athene said in his last Afterparty (18.01.2021) that there’s gonna be a final Beta Build end of January or early February. After fixing the last major bugs they will release it. Athene says 90% in February, but let’s be real, we heard this a few times already 🙂

In the meantime, you can watch Athene own some scrubs or play the MoMi Beta (to do that go to Athene’s Twitch and type !Beta in the chat to get the latest download links).

Athene had a nice little rant in one of his streams, talking about cancel culture and other stuff.

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