Upcoming MoMi Updates

Athene tested different types of ADs and those “take a selfie and play as a hero” types of ADs had a lot of success. So Athene decided to focus on that aspect of the game and even force people to either take a selfie or upload a face before they even start playing. In the future, they also plan to add Snapchat-like filters and more.

Also the new tutorial won’t have a skip button anymore, because people tend to click it and afterward they have no idea whats going on anymore. But people with an existing Account can always login.

Here are some other updates we will get:

  • They will increase the prestige levels, we don’t know how much yet, maybe even to 1000.
  • Some deals are too op for 25 salepoints and will get nerfed, like the prestige boost for example
  • Kappa faction is dominating the campaign atm, so they will buff other factions and overall do some adjustments. Like people should need a team for each faction to have optimal climb potential.
  • Silence will receive a nerf too.
  • In a few weeks they will add a raffle system with battles that can be used for giveaways.
  • They might put MoMi on the Nintendo Switch in the future, not in the near term tho.

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