Turning Crypton into GUBI!

I managed to reach Account Level 5 one day before weekly reset last week and bought the Doreiku limited Pet for 25 Salepoints. First I tried to sell it for 16k, but then I lowered the price to 13,9k and sold it. I was planning to wait for a legendary version, but I decided to buy one Epic Pet. I honestly wouldn’t recommend selling it instantly, because I’m confident it will grow in value overtime, but for the challenge I wanted a quick Crypton cash out.

Game Played:16 Days
Money Spend:$26
Crypton Balance:8,356
Account Level:6
VIP Level:VIP 1
Salepoint Balance:63
Sale Points used:50
GUBI Balance:10,000

Today I turned my 10k Crypton into 10k GUBI, so it’s my first cash out. Hurray 🙂

GUBI is quite low atm, it’s worth around $10 for 10k GUBI. It’s pretty much the minimum price, so I will hold it until the price is better.

Skins I sold

I still have two shiny rares and one shiny epic (which I got from my legendary event) that I’m trying to sell. But the past week I managed to sell 2 pets and 2 skins:

How I got level 5 faster

I’ve reinvested some of my Crypton into colored Pets. Each colored Pet you buy, that you don’t own, gives you one Achievement. So when I saw cheap colored Pets, I bought them instantly. You usually need between 100 and 180 Pets for an account level up

iSkittles Community

Last time, I joined iSkittles1 community because I knew he gives Crypton back to his community members when they spend money. Sometimes he even does Giveaways, I even managed to win some Crypton hehe.

There are many communities out there, you just gotta find a good one : )

TTTT Boosts

With the introduction of the Cow Villain Challenge, it’s possible to earn up to 1k Crypton for free. I watched Athene’s stream and some people mentioned that they will buy 500 TTTT Boosts, so I quickly joined their community to get a piece of it.

You can also check the leaderboard of the past week and try to predict who will buy it again next week. Keep in mind, once you got 10, you can’t receive more.

UPDATE: The boost changed, so the strategy doesn’t work anymore.

50 Cent Deals

I’m still buying all 50 Cent deals that I see. It’s the cheapest way to farm Salepoints.

Collecting Skins

As you saw in the beginning of my post, I sold two skins. I got them for free by following other MoMi players on Twitch. Following players is a good way to collect Skin Points, which increase your Skin Buff and get you some Achievements.

So try to follow as many high level players as you can. You can keep some Skins if you want for the Achievements, or try to sell them all for Crypton

Next Plans

I’m going to buy the next limited Pet tomorrow and reach VIP 2. I wanted to wait for a legendary limited Skins, but Gubiman is a bit inpatient and wants quick cash hehe.

So yeah will buy and likely sell the next Skins and just keep buying those daily deals. Hopefully I can do another update before new year, but if not, I wish you guys a happy new year.

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