Salepoint Deals nerfed & more

The new patch that got pushed yesterday nerfed some Salepoint Deals. They were just too overpowered and could be easily exploited.

  • Prestige Boost gives now 30 SP instead of 50 SP
  • Custom Deal gives 700 VIP and 7 SP instead of 1000 VIP and 10 SP
  • VIP Road gives yout Crypton instead of Salepoints
  • Weekly VIP Event gives also Crypton instead of Salepoints
  • Few other deals went to 5 SP from 10-15 SP

We will also get some campaign changes probably at the end of this week. Everyone will be able to progress even people that are prestige 99. The new campaign system will allow you to win a certain amount of fights every day and after that, it will be much harder. It’s gonna look a little bit like the marketplace you have a legendary battle boost, an epic boost, and a rare one.

Mainly the power of your team rather than the abilities will determine if you can still progress. You can still min-max with abilities in Arena but in Campaign, it’s gonna be really hard. The smart team’s power will define the combat rating and difficulty of your opponent’s team. So the fights are not for everyone the same, they get dynamically created.

In short your overall team power will be the most important factor if you wanna climb in the campaign tower.


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