PRPS replaces GUBI soon!

Likely at the end of the month everything will move to a second layer solution. It is not confirmed which one yet, but it’s going to be a mainstream one like Polygon.

So what does that mean for us?
GUBI will be replaced with PRPS. So if you export Crypton you will get PRPS in return. This is good news, since PRPS increases in value overtime, which is not the case for GUBI. But the best part about the fork is that we will have extremely cheap fees when trading PRPS, DUBI and NFTs. I’m talking about 1 cent per transaction!

What will happen with my BSC GUBI, DUBI, or ETH PRPS?!
Everything will get copied over to the Layer 2 Solution and if you own GUBI for example you will get PRPS send to your Wallet. So in the end there will be just a layer 2 version of PRPS and DUBI.

Can I still move my PRPS/DUBI to the ETH chain?
Not in the beginning, but they will work on that too.

Do I need to prepare for the fork?
Nope, everything will happen automatically. You don’t need to worry at all.

I’m quite hyped about layer 2. Right now, all those high fees are really annoying.


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