PRPS got Forked!

Yesterday on 23. September, PRPS & DUBI got forked again. … but WHY?

Well, if you were observing the crypto space in the past months you may have seen news about those crazy high Ethereum Fees. Even basic ETH transaction costs rose from a few cents to over 10$. Those fees were and still are especially high for ERC20 Tokens. For example just to lock or unlock PRPS you had to pay up to 50$ in fees recently!

So to combat that Athene and the Team decided to fork and update the PRPS code. They managed to slash the costs by 4! And that’s not all, furthermore instant and “gasless” transactions will be possible in the future! If you wanna know how that’s possible I recommend listening to the Afterparty (recorded by Yashik).

For now, the fork won’t change much for you, except for lower fees. Your locked PRPS will still be locked, everything stays the same. If you want to see the new PRPS and DUBI in Metamask you need to add the new Contracts below:

Here are the new Contract Addresses (Source
PRPS: 0xb628Bc994e39CE264ECa6f6EE1620909816A9F12


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