Keep in mind, the following FAQ is written by a Fan, so it may contain inaccuracies.

In short, they are Cryptocurrencies created by Athene that will be used for his future projects. PRPS stands for “Purpose” and DUBI for “Decentralized Universal Basic Income”. &
WhitepaperPRPS & DUBI Whitepaper
Foundedlate 2017 by Athene
Initial Price$0,50
TypePolygon (MATIC) – Utility Token
Listed (PRPS/DUBI), Quickswap-PRPS, QuickSwap-DUBI
Market (shows Dubiex Data, G4G Shop History, minted NFTs)
Tokenomicslocking mechanism, level up system, G4G shop & more!
Team SizeBetween 40 & 50 Volunteers
Total Supplycheck Supply in G4G Shop
PRPS & DUBI Contractcheck
Use case#1 Top Grossing Play2Earn Mobile Game Mobile Minigames, that is on the IOS & PLAY Store, integrates these tokens which allows players to earn money while playing.
Website: &
PRPS & DUBI Whitepaper
late 2017 by Athene
Initial Price:
Polygon (MATIC) – Utility Token
Listed on: (PRPS/DUBI), Quickswap-PRPS, QuickSwap-DUBI
NFT Marketplaces
Market data: (shows Dubiex Data, G4G Shop History, minted NFTs)
locking mechanism, level up system, G4G shop & more!
Team Size:
Between 40 & 50 Volunteers
Total Supply:
check Supply in G4G Shop
PRPS & DUBI Contract:
Use case:
#1 Top Grossing Play2Earn Mobile Game Mobile Minigames, that is on the IOS & PLAY Store, integrates these tokens which allows players to earn money while playing.

Mobile Minigames is a top grossing mobile gacha game where anyone is able to add their selfie to the game and battle. You can even stream or watch your favorite streamer while playing and collect their skins. There are many mini-games to discover like match 3, poker and much more. But what really highlights Mobile Minigames is its NFT integration and play2earn mechanic.

Anyone can earn by playing Mobile Minigames: Play&Earn (MoMi), even as a free-to-play player. In MoMi, the main currency to make money is called Crypton, which can be used to either create NFTs or to turn it into the cryptocurrency PRPS!

Check out the awesome video by to learn more about how Mobile Minigames uses PRPS & DUBI:

Mobile Minigames huge upcoming NFT Metaverse Expansion, which will allow players to earn passive Crypton with their NFTs, will make Mobile Minigames undoubtedly the best Play-2-Earn game out there!

Download it and try it out! Just grind through the Tutorial, you won’t regret it.

PRPS has a unique system that is not being used by any other cryptocurrency. It basically allows PRPS & DUBI to steadily go up in value.

Jedi Athene explains it here : ) 

I try to explain in my words: 
Reese the CEO is selling his PRPS that he got from Athene in batches on We refer to this as the “Supply-wall”. So if you want to buy PRPS you get it from his Supply-wall. Every time a batch gets bought up he will put up another batch. While doing so he increases the batch amount by 0.4% and increases the price of PRPS and DUBI by 0.6%. When a batch gets bought up, we call it a “level up” or “ding”.

To give an example, a batch of PRPS is at the time I’m writing this 9314 and Reese sells each PRPS for $3. So if people buy everything up, Reese gets $27,942. He can now use that money to provide a “Buy-wall” for DUBI for the same price he sells PRPS for. Let’s say all people that bought PRPS decide to lock it for one year, that would be 4% of 9314 PRPS which is 372 DUBI. All people combined have now 372 DUBI which is worth $1,116 since we multiply it by $3. That means Reese has enough money to buy DUBI for 25 years (27,942 / 1,116) because people can generate DUBI from their PRPS every year. But since PRPS and DUBI are also increasing in price after every batch, the number of years he can provide a buy-wall for go down to 10 years. You can check the math behind it in the roadmap spreadsheet.

Keep in mind 10 years is the worst-case scenario, not everybody is locking PRPS, most people are also not selling DUBI, furthermore, a lot of people forget to lock for a while and some PRPS just gets lost because people lose their wallets.

If you take all those variables into account, the DUBI buy-wall can be sustained for many decades.

Furthermore, all PRPS and DUBI that are spent on the game, via the G4G Shop get burned! Burning will remove PRPS from the available supply, which may result in the value of the coin increasing even more.

Like with any other coin, if a lot of people start selling or big whales start dumping their PRPS it will drop, certainly. BUT because you get free 4% of your PRPS as DUBI every year, there is a limit to what PRPS can drop, since they are tied together. Another big factor is also the locking mechanism, since a lot of people lock their PRPS to generate DUBI, it is protected from a big crash.
As long there is some demand, the price of PRPS should go back to where it was. It’s a quite beautiful system if you understand the math behind the roadmap. PRPS started at 0.50 in 2017 and reached 3$ with slow steady growth in early 2021.

You might ask where is the demand coming from? PRPS and Mobile Minigames work together. Players can use PRPS to get deals on the Mobile Minigames Shop which offers huge discounts. Not only that, soon they will be able to use PRPS & DUBI directly in the game to get NFT Skins, export Heroes or to buy NFT Land.

DUBI which you can generate by locking PRPS is very stable. You can either sell it on Quickswap (keep in mind there is a small liquidity) or put a sell Order on Dubiex which Reese regularly buys up at the official Buy-wall price.

In the future once they have more money they migh start also buying PRPS from people that are undercutting the Sell-Wall, which would make PRPS as stable as DUBI!

There is no catch, if you see potential in their current and upcoming projects, you make PRPS part of your portfolio.
Their first product called Mobile Minigames was 4 years in the making and soft launched in early May 2021. It’s a mobile game with NFT integration that you can already download on the Play and App Store right now. Try it out, compare it to similar games in the mobile and NFT scene and form your own opinion.

They wanted to start in early 2020 but because of Corona, everything was shut down. They will certainly continue once the crisis is over. They already have an official NGO in place, called Giving Works.

In 2022 Athene announced that they will try to work together with charities to indentify people from extreme poverty. Those people in need will get flagged in Mobile Minigames so players can support them with in various ways, which will provide them with basic income!

Buy / Sell / Lock FAQ

  1. So to get PRPS, you need to buy a tiny amount of MATIC (to pay for fees) and USDC (to buy PRPS). I would recommend using the Binance Exchange (Coinbase doesn’t support Polygon yet)
  2. Afterwards, you download, create a Wallet and transfer your MATIC and USDC there (Ledger or Trezor works too). Make sure to write down your passphrase and store it in a secure place. Never ever give the passphrase to somebody else!
  3. To see your USDC and MATIC on your Metamask you need to switch to the Polygon Network.
  4. Now you visit the decentralized exchange, connect your Metamask (Ledger & Trezor works too), and buy as much PRPS as you want. (I prefer using the “Advanced Mode” to buy PRPS because you can see the Orderbook)
  5. After that, you can lock PRPS and generate some DUBI.

A little sidenote if you are planning on buying a lot of PRPS: As a whale you need to buy in steps, you can’t just throw $500k at once. First you buy up the current Supplywall and everything that’s above, then you have to wait until the new Supplywall gets added. That can take a few minutes.


I recommend to watch Marks Videos:
How to buy Polygon MATIC | How to buy PRPS on Quickswap (DUBI works the same but with a different Contract Address, which you can find at the bottom of

You can get PRPS & DUBI easily on Quickswap:

  1. First you need to buy MATIC on an Exchange like Binance. (Coinbase doesn’t work because they don’t support Polygon Network yet.)
  2. Withdraw the MATIC to your MetaMask via Polygon Network!
  3. Import Polygon Network and add PRPS/DUBI as custom Tokens.
  4. Now you can buy DUBI or buy PRPS – just click the Trade button
  5. Now you can Swap MATIC to PRPS for example.

If you open Quickswap always make sure the URL is

When you use MetaMask mobile, use the Browser inside Metamask or it wont work!

Locking your PRPS is a very simple process and is optional. You go to and click on “HODL PRPS” in the top right. After that, you just connect your wallet and choose how much PRPS and for how long you want to lock it away (you won’t have access to your PRPS until the locking period is over). You will see a preview of how much DUBI you receive.

When the locking period is over, you can again go to this page and “release” your PRPS. At this point you can lock it again if you want.


Keep in mind that “locking” also costs gas fees, that means you need a tiny amount of MATIC (few Cents) on your Wallet.

Dubiex is a decentralized exchange that is made by Athene’s Crew. It’s has been online since 2018 and used by thousands of people.

I will also quote the FAQ:

DubiEx is a fully decentralized exchange that is unique due to its truly trustless peer-to-peer nature and unique features such as zero-fee trading with a simple and user-friendly UI as well as easy and free token creation. Run by volunteers and activists, DubiEx’ greatest advantage is that it is not maintained for profit but rather with the intention of helping advance the ways in which cryptocurrency can make a positive difference in the world. This is what allows DubiEx to develop specific features and pursue decentralization to extents that, on other exchanges, would undermine their ability to sustain their business model.

Users can trade any token for any other token straight from their own Ethereum wallet, no deposit required. DubiEx supports limit and market orders as well as filling and canceling multiple trades in one go to save extra gas costs. By providing a simple and advanced mode, DubiEx is accessible to advanced traders and newcomers alike.

DubiEx does not charge any fees in any shape or form and is primarily maintained in order to support and distribute DUBI or Decentralized Universal Basic Income, an ERC 20 token with the ambitious goal of providing a Universal Basic Income with trials planned at the end of 2020. Server and operation costs are paid for by the volunteers and developers behind DubiEx.

You only pay gas for the Transaction with Polygon MATIC, which is usually a fraction of a cent.

You may hear other people saying we “dinged”, or we are “dinging soon”.

If somebody said we dinged, that just means that the current PRPS batch was bought up and PRPS/DUBI leveled up, meaning they increased in price. So every level up is a ding.

Pretty much the same as buying. First you should check where you get the best Price, Quickswap or Dubiex. You also have to factor in the amount you wanna sell.

  • On Quickswap you can just swap it back to USDC or MATIC. Keep in mind the liquidity is currently small, so don’t sell big amounts at once.
  • If you use Dubiex to sell PRPS, you should put a limit sell order using the Advanced Mode and wait until someone buys it. Or you sell it into a buy order if it’s a good deal.

Support FAQ

If you can’t see PRPS/DUBI on Metamask you probably haven’t imported the contract address. Just go to, scroll to the bottom and copy the correct address and add it to Metamask. Also make sure you are on the Polygon Mainnet!

If you can’t see your locked PRPS on Dubiex please refresh your cache with CTRL+F5. You can also check how much PRPS and DUBI you have on

Keep in mind if your PRPS is locked you won’t see it on Metamask or Polygonscan, please use or for that.

If you want to release or lock your PRPS, and it’s just loading forever, make sure your Metamask requires access not only to DubiEx but to all sites to work properly.

First please check if you have the latest firmware installed, if not you need to update.

If you still can’t connect your Ledger or Trezor properly try to use incognito mode, sometimes another browser can help too.

Another reason could be Brave Browser. Some people reported issues, so try Chrome or Firefox.

If it’s a issue try CTRL + F5.

If you have more questions or need help you can visit the PRPS Discord and go to the community support channel or contact
Or drop a comment below, I’m happy to help out.


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