Play to earn with GUBI

They are working on implementing a new crypto called “GUBI” (= Gamified Universal Basic Income) which can be earned through burning crypton in Mobile Minigames. So that means you will be able to turn Crypton into cash pretty easy.

GUBI will be on BSC, so fees will be very low and since BSC compatible with ETH wallets, the implementation should be pretty fast. Hopefully this year.

They way it works is, players will be able to burn Crypton by donating it to charity via the game and as a reward they get GUBI. That GUBI can be sold on Pancakswap for a minimum amount into a buywall. Instead of selling GUBI you can also use it to buy more deals via the G4G Shop.
Athene mentioned that 1000 Crypton could be worth $1, but it’s not confirmed. We don’t know all the details yet, but I will keep you guys in the loop.

The Team is also working on the NFT Buywall which should launch at the end of this year too.

Furthermore, they will adjust the Tutorial a bit to explain how Mobile Minigames is a play to earn game.

Those are insane news, and I’m really looking forward to GUBI. I wonder how the Logo will look like, maybe just DUBI in green? : )


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