1 Million+ Downloads & more!

Mobile Minigames reached over 1 million downloads on Google Play Store today.

24. September – 100k Downloads

07. November – 500k Downloads

28. Dezember – 1mil Downloads

Furthermore, Athene announced that once they reach 10 mil downloads, which Athene expects in the first half a year of 2022, he will ding PRPS & DUBI to $13!

Athene also shared a graph of the total amount of spenders in MoMi. It’s close to 70k!

The game has around 4k concurrent players right now and for each Dollar they spend on AD’s they get around 50% back in just a week!

In many countries, they are already high up in the top grossing charts. In the Philippines, they are already Rank 4 in Top Grossing Adventure, and Rank 2 in Top Free Adventure.

2022 will be an amazing year for Mobile Minigames. I’m really looking forward to it.
I wonder how many downloads MoMi will have at the end of next year : )


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