NFT Marketing Stunt

Today, Athene announced his big marketing idea. They’ve created a website with custom NFT art of many famous people, like streamers, politicians, influencers, etc. and anyone can bid ETH on them.

Athene plans to post a Video and Press Release about it tomorrow.

How it works:
If you are one of the individuals depicted on this website, you can claim your NFT for free with absolutely zero strings attached. After claiming the NFT, it becomes yours to keep and do whatever you want with. To claim, you simply need to click the Claim button on the NFT’s page, enter your personal Ethereum address and then send a message to one of our social channels with this address. We will then send the NFT to this address completely free of charge.

If you are a normal user browsing this site, you are free to place bids on any NFT you like. If the person depicted claims it, you can then buy it from the owner on

Right now, people can bid on those NFTs, they only need to sign the bid to confirm that they have enough ETH on their wallet.

If hypothetically Asmongold claims his NFT, Athene will mint it and send it to his ETH wallet. He can then decide what to do with it.
Once it’s minted, it will be a max Season 0 Hero, that he could import into Mobile Minigames.


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