NFT Land Expansion!

In my last post, I wrote about the upcoming update, where Athene played with the idea of Scholarships and MoMi NFTs generating passive crypton. The ideas expanded, and the whole design got improved. The Crypton generation system will work with land, where players can buy land and rent out Plots to others.
I will explain it in much more detail now.

Expected Release Date: July 2022
Keep in mind that the design is not set in stone yet, and things can still change!

BuyWall only for S1 – S12

Before I go into the land system, there is one important change you should be aware of. The NFT BuyWall gets pretty much replaced by this new Land system. Athene said the current Buywall will get frozen, and only first year NFTs can benefit from it, they will become “Legacy NFTs”. That means those NFTs won’t benefit from the new Land system, but they still have the frozen Buywall and will likely get some other perks in the future. Until the new expansion is out, exporting will be disabled, so likely Season 13 and 14 will be closed.
I expect them to start with Season 1 again once the update goes live, to create some new hype.

Land Concept

Crypton Pool

In Mobile Minigames, there is a 5% fee for any Crypton transaction you make. Like selling Skins in the Auction House, exporting NFTs, gifting Crypton, etc. Athene wants to redistribute that Crypton to the players and that’s why he came up with a beautiful system that uses land, which will also give NFT Heroes and Pets a better use case.


So, there will be land which will look like the world map, where you can buy own piece of land. The Land will be an NFT which you can buy for 1 Million Crypton! You can buy as many as you want, and even sell it in the future.

NFT Land


The Landowner will have 100 Plots where he can define multiple Requirements for acquiring it. He can give out Plots for free or only allow players with a certain VIP to rent it, for example.
(Every player can only own one Plot, even if you have Alt Accounts you are not allowed to have more than one.)

NFT Heroes on Plots

You will be able to occupy other peoples Plots with your NFT Heroes & Pets. A Plot allows you to place one NFT Hero. Furthermore, with the new expansion, players will be able to export even low level Pets & Heroes for very little Crypton. That means there won’t be any shortage of NFTs.
Landowners on the other hand will likely be able to place Pets on their Land, or something similar.

Building on your Plot

Players will be able to build on the plot with blocks, kinda like in Minecraft or Roblox. The space will be limited to 10x10x5 to 100x100x50 tiles, depending on the Hero that is on the plot. The blocks will drop in the game like currencies can they can be traded on the Auctionhouse. Blocks will also have different rarities like pets.

They will also add creative mode, where you can try stuff out and save your buildings as blueprints, which can be sold on the Auctionhouse.

Crypton Distribution

Before I go into detail how the Crypton gets distributed amongst Land, Plot and NFT -Owner, I recommend to watch Mark’s Video where he explains everything concisely.

There are pretty much two types of Crypton Generations, the NFT Land and the NFT that occupies the Plot:

  • The NFT Owner that sits on one Plot gets 89% of what his Hero or his 5 Pets generate. The amount he generates depends on two factors, the Stars/Levels and the Crypton Power of his NFT. (I will explain what Crypton Power is later)
  • The Landowner gets 10% of what the Land itself generates and 1% of each NFT that sits on a Plot.
  • The Plot Owner gets 10% Crypton that is generated by the NFT Hero/Pet and 0.9% Crypton that is generated by the Plot.

The Crypton generation for each NFT is capped, so it cannot exceed a certain amount. We don’t know what the cap will be yet, also the amount people generate will fluctuate since it depends on the global Crypton Pool, which is different each day.

The Crypton will get distributed each day, but to be eligible the Plot and NFT Owner need to login once, or they both won’t get Crypton that day.

NFT Crypton Power

NFT Heroes and Pets will have a certain amount of Crypton Power, which will determine how much they can generate. New exported NFTs will always have 100% Crypton Power, which will deplete over time. That means older NFTs will generate less Crypton, but they will generate progress in form of Gems and VIP instead.

All the Crypton you miss out on overtime you can unlock by binding DUBI to your NFT. In a sense, you lock DUBI onto your NFT to get Crypton in return. That DUBI is not lost, it bound to the NFT forever until it gets destroyed by the owner.

Those are exciting additions to the game, and remember that’s not all. We are also getting the Monthly exclusive Skins that can be bought only with Crypton or by sacrificing Pets, NFT Heroes/Pets merging System and the advanced Community Challenges!

Tons of updates are coming to the game!


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