New Beta – Launch March

New Beta is out! In the past 6 weeks, tons of bugs were fixed. Athene wants to release another Beta in about a week and a third final Beta a few days after to test a few things.

So at the end of February or early March the game will hopefully be ready for launch

To play the new Beta go to the Athenelive Twitch or Discord and type !beta into the chat. If you find bugs or issues you can report them in the Mobile Minigames Discord.

If you use Testflight and played Beta before, delete it and reinstall it again.
If you experience lags go to MoMi settings and deactivate “replays” + “spectate”.

25.02 Update: Final Beta should be between 7-10 March.
12.03 Update: There are new builds that people can test, check MoMi Discord. Nolan is now streaming sometimes where he tests the game with viewers


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