New Account – Let’s earn!

I’m playing the Mobile Minigames since launch and know the game quite well. The game went through quite some adjustments and updates since May. That’s why, I decided to create a fresh account just to see how much I can earn without any outside help from my alt accounts. Playing and trying to earn GUBI from the perspective of a new player is a cool and exciting challenge.

I will not play as free-to-play because some deals are just too good and allow you to earn easier. Deals and Salepoints are part of the game, if you are smart about it, you can get more back than you invest.

My starting Budget for this challenge will be around $30. (decided to start with $30, in around 3-6 weeks we should see that money back and make profit)
I will give you guys at least one update each week and show you what I’m doing and buying. I will also share some tips and tricks 😉

If you are serious about earning, I would recommend having multiple accounts. I would say 2 is minimum, but if you have the time, create some more like 4+.
For my challenge, I will only use one fresh account.

Strategy if you have very little money:

If you don’t plan to spend more than 50 Cents, buy the 90% off Deal to reach 25 Salepoints and use them to get the Golden Boost, because you will get all your Salepoints back at the end of the month. Once you reach Account Level 5 use the 25 SP on a limited Skin and sell it on the Auction House. Congrats, you just made around $10+ Profit just by spending 50 Cents and playing a few minutes a day for a few weeks.

Week 1 Day 1

Gubiman is the new account which I created today. You can follow Gubiman on Twitch to get his skin 🙂

I rushed through the entire tutorial today, but I really recommend new players to take their time with it.

After completing the Tutorial, I did the following:

  • Completed all my Daily Quests
  • Collected 50 Pets with Gems via Geopet Go and hatched some Eggs.
  • Completed as many Bootcamp Missions as I could.
  • Nearly completed 4 Weekly Events. Make sure to complete those 4 before weekly reset on Friday!

When it comes to weekly events, I have one important tip!
Be mindful when using certain resources: Lucky Chips, Gems, Kappa Scrolls, Upgrade Points (upgrading Heroes) should be used together with events. A new player can usually only complete rare events, but the rarity changes each week, so keep hoarding these currencies until you can complete an event.

All the other currencies like Community Chips, VIP Tickets, Mega Chips, Church Spins, Casino Chips, Trihards, etc. can be used freely because they count in the background towards upcoming seasonal events.

iSkittles made a short Beginner Guide which I can recommend:

I think that’s enough for Day 1, next time we’re going to buy some deals and define our goals 🙂

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