More Info about GUBI

We got some more Information about GUBI. It may get implemented in about a week already! That’s amazing, these guys are working at an insane speed.

They will make one adjustment, so people can’t abuse the free 20 Salepoints when creating a new account. Basically, new accounts won’t be able to get Crypton deals until they spend 150 SalePoints. Instead of Crypton they will get Gems until they reach that requirement.

When you create a new account, you get 25 fake Salepoints that are used to explain the system and 20 real Salepoints afterwards. So you are already at 45 SP at that point. Reaching 150 SP shouldn’t be a problem.

So can F2P players earn too? Yes, but they need to trade on the auctionhouse to get Crypton which gets unlocked at level 5, and once they reach 10k Crypton they can cash out pretty much instantly. But we don’t know yet how much 10k Crypton will be worth in terms of $ (maybe around $1 for 1000 Crypton).

EDIT: The auction house requirement will get removed, you don’t need to be level 5 to trade when the GUBI Patch rolls out.

So yeah, once you reach 10k Crypton you are able to turn it into 10k GUBI and swap it on PancakeSwap for USDC for example.


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