Mini TTTT with Building Skins!

r/clashofstreamers - New Mini TTTT Challenge!

With Friday’s weekly reset, the Dolphin or Mini TTTT Challenge went live. You have to buy one max bulk deal for $100 to unlock a limited Building Skin, This week you can get a new skin for the Campaign Castle, in the background of your Main Menu!

The rewards will vary depending on your account level and your progression, but overall the rewards are very good. You even get all the limited Pet variations from this week.

You can upgrade the looks of the limited building by buying more Mini TTTT deals.

Rare Version – Buy 1

Epic Version – Buy 2

Legendary – Buy 5

Use the G4G Shop for discounts!

Save yourself some money and use the G4G Shop to buy the Mini TTTT Boosts. You can use either GUBI, DUBI or PRPS. Because of Fees, I would recommend BSC GUBI or DUBI. Currently, GUBI is the best option, it would cost only 66-$70 to buy one!
So yeah, get yourself that GUBI now!

If you are in Europe, this is an insane discount. It would cost me $124 in-game, but thanks to G4G I will be able to buy it for around $70. In other countries, the G4G Shop may not be as attractive, but it’s still worth to check out and compare prices.


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