Let’s buy the best Deals!

Current Status

Game Played:2 Days
Money Spend:$12
Crypton Balance:1230
Account Level:0
VIP Level:VIP 0
Salepoint Balance:30
Sale Points used:0
GUBI Balance:0

Yesterday I’ve completed the whole Tutorial, did some Bootcamp Missions and finished 4 Events.

Today I got quite very lucky, my 50 daily Pet attracts from Geopet Go gave me two Shiny Rare Pets. From the Rare Gem Event I’ve received also a Shiny Rare Pet, which means I have 3 now. I put them all on the Auction House and was able to sell 2 so far.

I got lucky with the Rare Gem Event because it gave me a Kappapride Pet, Kappa and Kappapride Pets usually sell for more Crypton because it’s harder to get them.

Quick Tip: when you complete an Event you can choose a color, if you plan to sell the Pet check the Auction House before forging, to see which color sells for more.

Quick Tip 2: if the Auction House won’t allow you to sell your Pet and says “in use”, you need to swap it into a Skin first. You can do that using the Match 3 Building, iSkittles made Video about Pet Swapping.

Let’s join a Community

Before you buy deals, I would highly recommend finding a good community. Some communities send you a little bit of Crypton when you spend money because they get a cut from you, some even do regular Giveaways which we don’t want to miss out on.

I will join every Week another Community! For the next 7 days I’ve chosen iSkittles1.

You can also join my Community, MoMiNewsnet. I’m doing daily Giveaways to Community Members and I have a cool Dragon Skins hehe.

Time to buy the best Deals!

$0,50 – 90% OFF BOOST!
Best Deal hands down, you can only get it once. When you buy this deal you should have 26 Salepoints which will allow you to get any deal for free!

If you don’t plan to spend more than 50 Cent, use the Salepoints to buy the Golden Boost, because you will get all your Salepoints back at the end of the month. Once you reach Account Level 5 use the 25 SP on a limited Skin and sell it on the Auction House. Congrats, you just made around $10 Profit just by spending 50 Cents and playing a few minutes every day.

Also, a limited deal. It gives you one Salepoint and 375 Crypton. Get it now!

1 Salepoints, 50 Crypton a strong Hero, awesome!

UPDATE: This Boost got changed and costs more now

Another a great deal that only appears a few times a year, for 50 Cent you get 2 Salepoints and 10 VIP.

A must-have in my opinion. If you manage to prestige you get 4 Strong Heroes, a lot of Kappa Summons and 25 Salepoints! If you don’t have enough money to buy the Golden Boost, you can use your 25 Salepoints.

PRO TIP: Use the G4G Shop, depending on the Price of GUBI/DUBI you will get some nice discounts!

There are even more awesome deals, some of them are too expensive for a new account or better later on. I will post it once I buy other deals.

Next big Goals

  • Reach Account Level 5, so we can buy limited Skin Deals.
    To reach LV 5 faster, we need to complete as many Achievements and Events as we can. I may even consider reinvesting some of my Crypton to level faster. The limited Skin Deal is the easiest way to earn our first GUBIs.
    Reaching Account Level 5 is not easy, hopefully we can do it in 3-4 Weeks.
  • Get Shiny Legendary Pets, so we can start producing colored Pets!
    My first goal is to have one default Shiny Legendary Pet for each faction. Because if you have 1 Shiny Legendary and 1 Shiny Rare Pet, you have a 50% chance of getting colored Pets. Which means more Crypton and more Achievements for us!
  • Reach Campaign Prestige 10, to turn 25SP into 30SP
    I will climb the Tower and once I’m close to Prestige 10 I will buy the Prestige Boost with Salepoints to get free +5 SP and 200 VIP EXP to reach VIP 1.
  • Collect Streamers Skins and try to sell them on the AH
    I will follow many Streamers and Players with cool Skins on Twitch. It’s a great way to collect free Skins to Buff your Team, but I will try to sell most of them.
  • Do some Free Trials and cancel them ; )

Tomorrow is weekly reset, so I also prepared my Pet Abilities, since you can only change them once a week. Early on, Pet Abilities are not that strong, but there is one exception and that’s the “Skin Collector” Passive from the Trihard Pet. So make sure to equip that one! (I will talk more about it in my next post)

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. See you in a few days 🙂

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