How to Export Skins/Pets

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This is just a quick and dirty guide, which I will improve in the future and submit to

So what do you need to export a hero or pet as a NFT:

  • first of all, you need g4g crypton which you can buy in the g4g Shop. Only g4g crypton allows you to export low-level heroes or pets.
  • To buy g4g crypton you need PRPS or DUBI. You can buy PRPS on the exchange.
  • Make sure you are connected with the same Twitch account you use in Mobile Minigames before you buy a g4g deal.
  • the best deal is the crypton boost, you will need it 50 times if you plan to export only one skin, because to export a level 1, 1-star hero you need 10k g4g crypton (except Kappa and Kappapride you will need around 12k). That’s around 100 USD or 29 PRPS atm. The cheapest export for a pet is 21k crypton.
    The preview on the right side of the screenshot is bugged, it always shows 200 crypton, so don’t worry.
  • After your transaction goes through you will receive the crypton on your account.
  • Now it’s time to equip your skin on a level 1, 1 star hero. (Kappa and Kappapride don’t exist as 1 star, I think the lowest is level 1, 4 stars). Skin passives get converted into power so it doesn’t matter which kind of passive buff the skins have.
  • Go to the Blockchain building and click on export. Now you should see some heroes if you have enough g4g crypton.
  • It’s very straightforward from here on, just choose the hero with the skin you want and click export.
  • Congrats to your first crypto hero.

How to upgrade crypto heroes

Only collectibles with the following conditions can be sacrificed to upgrade a collectible:

  • Same faction
  • From the same or newer season
  • Everything else can be different.
  • For example, in order for you to Upgrade a Smorc – – You have to select a Smorc Streamer as a sacrifice.

When upgrading a Streamer the class of the sacrificed Streamer changes the class of the upgraded Streamer. If the stars or level of the collectible you sacrifice are better then it will get transferred onto the collectible you upgrade. If the stars and level of the collectible you sacrifice are lower, then the stars and level of the upgraded collectible will stay unchanged. The ability-set of the sacrifice always get transferred to the upgrade collectible.

In other words, Skin, Faction and Season will always stay the same. Class, Spells, Levels and Stars can be changed by sacrifcing another crypto hero. Same applies to pets. For example you can sacrifice one level 12, 12star to transfer the stars and levels onto your level 1, 1star in the future.


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