How to Earn – Mobile Minigames

So can anyone earn real money with Mobile Minigames?
Yes, anyone can earn by playing Mobile Minigames, even as a free-to-play player.

In Mobile Minigames, the main currency to make money is called Crypton. You can use it to either create NFTs on or get the cryptocurrency PRPS in return. Once you reach 500 Crypton you could already cash out!

Before you read this short guide, I recommend completing the Mobile Minigames Tutorial first, or you won’t understand many of the terms.

How to Earn Money Fast!

  1. Trade smartly in the Auction House to make Crypton. Get yourself familiar with Pets, Skins and Loot cards. In theory, you could make money on your first day playing the Mobile Minigames! I know a lot of people who are good at flipping Skins and Pets.
  2. Follow Twitch Users to get their cool skins. You can try to sell them on the auction house for some free crypton. (connect your game with to do that)
  3. I will do regular Crypton giveaways, so visit my blog regularly or follow me on Twitter and Facebook. If you join my Community, you can be part of regular giveaways.
  4. If you get very lucky and get an Ascendance Chip from spinning a Madness Chip, you will get crazy progress and making money will be easy. It is ultra rare and only a handful of players in the world got it so far.
  5. Buy the weekly limited Pets and Skins with Salepoints, or Crypton if it’s cheap and flip it quickly on the Auction House for quick profit. (You can buy limited Skins with Salepoints once you reach Account Level 5)
  6. Refer your friends and other people and tell them to join your community. Because if your community members spend money, you get 10% from what they spend.

Earn More and Steady!

  1. Create Hero NFTs and put them on a Plot of Land to generate Crypton.
  2. Buy the weekly limited Pets and Skins. Keep them for a few months and sell them for a lot of Crypton. These Skins should rise in value because of the limited circulation.
  3. Merge your Hero NFTs of the same constellation to reset the Crypton Generation Power.
  4. Start Streaming, make content about Mobile Minigames and build a big Community.
  5. Try to build cool looking blueprints and sell it on the AH
  6. Boost your Spellbook to increase your daily passive Crypton.
  7. Collect Pets to increase your Pet Luck. With more luck, you have a higher chance of getting rarer Pets which you can sell for more Crypton.

General Tipps

  1. Watch the Beginners Guide Video from iSkittles.
  2. Weekly Limited Skin Deals, Golden Boost and 50 Cent Deals have insane Value. If you want to get an edge, you should get those deals asap.
  3. Once you spend 150 Salepoints in total, deals where you use Salepoints will also give you Crypton.
  4. Make a few Alt Accounts, they are allowed and will help you in the long run.
  5. Aim for Account Level 24 and buy all the insanity boosts with 25 Salepoints. From there on, you will get 5 Salepoints with each account level. That means after every 5 levels, you can buy any deal for free!
  6. Read Guides, watch Mobile Minigames Videos, watch MoMi Twitch Streamers, join the Official Discord to learn more Strategies.

iSkittles explains his strategies to get free Crypton!


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