Gubiman buying the Dip!

A lot has happened the past 12 days, I made some good decisions but I also one bad this time. Overall, I’m still in the red in terms of Crypton/GUBI, but I’ve gathered a lot of “Assets” and Salepoints. From my calculation my Assets and SP are worth around 155k Crypton at current prices, which are quite low in my opinion.

Game Played:47 Days
Money Spend:$108
VIP Level:VIP 4
Account Level:19
Salepoints Used:250
Limited Skins:6 Pets, 2 Castles
Shiny Legend Pets:5
Salepoint Balance:104
Crypton Balance:27,601
GUBI Balance:15,375

First, I will show you guys what I bought the past week:

Another Mini TTTT Boost with the Castle Skin

I bought one more Mini TTTT before weekly reset. Since I reached 100 Salepoints I was able to get all the Crypton Stage Boosts which gave me around 70k Crypton by spending $15 and 100SP.
UPDATE: Sadly, that deal got rebranded to Crypton Battlespass and was nerfed a few days ago.

I used the 70k Crypton to buy a TTTT Voucher for around 69k Crypton in the Auction House. Quite expensive, but it was the last day before reset and I value the castle skin the most. I think it will be one of the more expensive skins in the future.

An additional insanity boost was included, which is great. I have now 2 of them, that means I’m getting 2 Salepoints every Account Level.

I got 6 limited Pets from the first TTTT, I should have sold them for 9-10k when I had the chance, but now they dropped to around 7k because so many people have it. I will still hold it I think and sell it for around 8k when I can. I rather reinvest that into other Skins with less circulation.

Limited Skins – What’s the Plan

The new limited Skins seem to be dropping in price since the new year. That’s mainly because we have a lot more players that finally reached Level 5 and are trying to make some money off these Skins.

I will wait a little and check the prices on the Auction House. I still want to get some of these Skins but if the Price drops even more I rather buy a Whale Pack and use that Crypton to buy one of these limited Skins.

My Plan is to use my Crypton to Flip Skins, instead of exporting it to GUBI. So I will have to scan the auction house more often.

Few of my AH sales the past 12 Days

I’m too lazy to post all the screenshots of my sales. But I’m getting now 1 colored Epic Pet on avarage per day. I can sell it usually for 80-120 Crypton. I’m already making like 100 Crypton a day on avarage just with selling Pets! Pretty insane if you compare that to Spellbook (which I don’t recommend to boost btw).

My luck is growing as well, just one more Shiny Legendary Pet for my Kappapride and I will have one in each faction.

Insanity Boosts – Let’s GO!

Since I got the first two Insanity Boosts thanks to the Mini TTTT I decided to get the last 3 too. Those boosts are the most OP deals in the game. I’m now printing 5 Salepoints every Account Level!

Because I’m Level 19, I get 20 Salepoints from one Insanity Boost, since I bought 3 I’m down 15 SP. That means once I reach Level 22 I will be break even, and starting with Level 23 I will make profit with every level up. Those boosts not only give Salepoints but also progress. Each Level gives me 1 SP, 1 Madness, 1 Pogchamp, 1 Kappa and 1 Megachip.

Since I’m Level 19 I received 19 Madness Spins, I even managed to get a 10 Star Hero from one spin!

Pro Tip – Grinding HOF Points

HOF or Hall of Fame Points can help you to level up faster. You need to enable Replays in the settings, or you won’t get any. It was disabled for most players because of performance reasons, but if you have a decent phone, I highly recommend enabling it.

To increase your HOF Points, you need good replays. You can try to get good replays in Casino buildings and use only 100 Chip Stake, so you can play many games. Inside the replay book, you can see an overview of all categories where you can grind replays. Of course you don’t need to grind them, you will get some naturally while playing the game.

For example here I got a good replay thanks to my 10 Star Hero that I got from Madness Spin.

Which gave me a lot of Achievements and will allow me to level up a bit faster

Crypto Market is crashing – Time to get GUBI

The whole crypto market got a big hit today, even GUBI dropped. I took the chance and bought 14,600 GUBI for $11,8. With that amount, I can get the Golden boost twice! That’s an insane discount!

GUBI could still be cheap, so take the opportunity and buy some Golden boosts in advance!

Some Free Gems with Codes

Most people prolly know that, but here are some Codes which you can enter into the Riddle field and claim free gems.

Nerd123, nerd007, nerd69, nerd8==d, nerd420

What’s Next?

I will be scanning the Auction House regulary. I would like to get this weeks limited Pet for cheap to flip it later. When it comes to the 2 Castles I will hold them.
I’m mainly going to grind achievments, climb the campaign and scan the auctionhouse for good deals.


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