Gubiman reinvesting all gains!

With the introduction of G4G discounts and the Mini TTTT deal, I decided to reinvest all my GUBI for higher potential profit in the future. I also added another Row to my table, which is “limited Skins” that I hold.

Game Played:34 Days
Money Spend:$69,5
VIP Level:VIP 3
Account Level:13
Salepoints Used:150
Limited Skins:7
Salepoint Balance:87
Crypton Balance:12,344
GUBI Balance:775

Goldenboost via G4G Shop for just $7!

I used the G4G Shop to buy the Golden Boost Twice because the GUBI price was quite low. I paid in total around $13 for two Golden boosts, which is a nice discount. To do that, I’ve moved $14 worth of BNB to my Account and bought 15,370 GUBI on Pancakeswap to buy the Golden Boosts. Since I bought it twice, the second one will unlock next month automatically.

Buying the Mini TTTT with my GUBI

I bought 7k more GUBI with BNB to have enough for the TTTT Boost. I got the following rewards for it:

Now I’m big in the red because I reinvested all my gains into this. I will get additional 10SP from the Casino Boost which was included, and I even got the first Insanity Boost, which will give me 1 SP every time I level up! And on top of all that, I got all 6 Pet Skins and the Campaign Building Skin.

The Pets won’t be very valuable early on, because many people get them via the deal. But I still hope to sell them for around 10k Crypton each in like 2 months. I’m also speculating on the Main Menu Building, which I will keep for a few months, I think. Well, it depends on how the prices evolve, but I predict it will go up a lot in value once more players join. It’s the first building skin ever and if you want the legendary version you need it 5 times!

Past Weeks AuctionHouse Gains

I’m starting to get Epic Colored Pets sometimes, which sell quite well. Here you can see my best sells from the last few days.

Also managed to sell a Florian and Cosnewsnet Skin. I got both from the Streamer Gift Deal.

Furthermore, I’m selling all my duplicate colored Pets and some non-colored Pets for smart Price every day. Usually I make around 4-6 Crypton for each duplicate.

Third Shiny Legendary Pet – Kappa

I’ve used my Gems to complete this week’s Casino Event to get another Shiny Legendary Pet and a level up. I’ve decided to go with a Kappa because the prices for Kappa Pets are quite high. Some rare colored Pets sell for 20-40 Crypton. Even tho Kappa has only 5 attracts each day, it’s still worth it to take Kappa over LuL for example, because the prices are so good.

This may change in the future, so make sure to check the Auction House prices before you choose a Shiny Legendary Pet. Also don’t forget to pick the non-colored Version of your Shiny Legend to produce random colored pets.

What else?

I climbed the Campaign again and reached Prestige 20. Then I bought the Prestige Boost again to get free 5 Salepoints. Each 10 Prestige, you can turn your 25 SP into 30SP.

Now I will just hold onto my Skins and be patient. I’m still farming the daily 50 cent deals as always, hopefully we will get a legendary Pet or Hero next : )


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