Gubiman made $40 Profit!

Happy new year, everyone!
I reached my first goal and made some nice profit. If you take my current Salepoints balance which is worth $5,5, my total spending amount would be at just $30. Since I made 70k GUBI that means I am at around $40 Profit after 24 days (depending on the GUBI price).

Game Played:24 Days
Money Spend:$35,5
Crypton Balance:579
Account Level:9
VIP Level:VIP 2
Salepoint Balance:11
Sale Points used:125
GUBI Balance:70,000

Athene made yesterday an announcement that GUBI is worth $13 minimum per 10k on the G4G Shop, that means GUBI will very likely reach $11 – $12 per 10K on PancakeSwap. At least that’s what I expect to happen in the next few weeks, especially once they release the Dolphin Challenge early January. So if you have some GUBI you want to cash out, I would be patient and wait.

Earning Crypton with the Auction House

The past week sold many pets and even some skins, here are my best trades:

As you can see I bought and sold the limited Christmas Pet 3 times the past week. The price of the limited Pet Kurisu increased a lot just after a few days (on Dec 24 I sold it for 14k and on the 31 for close to 17k). Overall, limited Pets are more popular right now, if you don’t need quick money I would just hold limited skins. If I hadn’t sold my limited Skins so early with Gubiman I would have made at least 15k more Crypton by now.

Furthermore, after attracting all Pets in Geopet Go, I always sold all my duplicate colored rare Pets for smart price. I’m usually able to sell it for 4 Crypton and sometimes more. I’m also always hunting for cheap colored Pets that are below 4 Crypton that I don’t own yet.

Streamer Gift Deal is awesome!

Pro Tip: The 50 Cent Streamer Gift Deal can be quite profitable. Some Skins sell for a good amount of Crypton. For example, I was able to sell a Freepls Skin for 664 Crypton that I got from the Streamer Gift deal. You may wonder why anyone would pay Crypton for that, well you can’t get his Legendary Skin for free and because he is very high Account Level his Skin is worth a lot of Skin Points, which people collect.

You can visit anyone’s Community and check if they have their Legendary Streamer Gift for 50 Cents enabled and compare the Auction house prices. I’m going to buy my Mains Skin with Gubiman today, let’s see if I can sell it : )

Unlocking Crypton Deals after 150 SP

Once you spend 150 Salepoints in total, all deals where you use Salepoints will also give Crypton. That means the limited Pet Skins will be even better. For example, if we get a legendary Pet next time, it will give around 4.5k Crypton on top! Which is crazy value. Even Epic Skins give you around 1.5k extra Crypton.
I’m at 125 SP spend atm, so one more purchase and I will unlock it.

New Shiny Legendary Pet from Slot Event

The Slot Event is pretty easy to complete. I’ve chosen a Trihard Hero and Pet, because I don’t have a 9star Hero there yet. Since I own a Shiny Rare + Shiny Legendary Trihard Pet now, I will also get additional colored Pets each day.
I have two Shiny Legendary Pets now, which give me some colored Pets each day.

If I have a variation of a Pet more than once, I sell it immediately. Exceptions are colored Epics, I always sell all of them, because they usually give over 100 Crypton currently, which is just too good. If the prices of colored Epics drop, I will keep one of each too.

What‘s next?

Well now I will farm another 25 Salepoints and wait for the next good limited Skin deal. I’m also going to buy the Golden Boost again, but this time with GUBI via the G4G Shop because it’s a lot cheaper there.

Since I made some good quick profit now, I will change my strategy a little bit I think, and keep one of the limited Pet Skins that I’m going to buy next and sell it after like one or two months.

Also, reaching Account Level 24 would be big, but yeah we are still far away from that. Once I’m 24 I can get all Insanity deals for Free, and they give insane rewards. Every 5 Levels, you pretty much get 25 SP for free, which is crazy.


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