Get DUBI on UniSwap!

To get DUBI listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko it needs to have Volume on exchanges that are tracked by them. Since Uniswap is tracked by both, they added DUBI there and anyone can buy it for ETH now.
It is very hard to get a lot of DUBI since normally you need to lock PRPS for a year to get 4% of the locked amount as DUBI.

Anyone who wants to invest or support the project has now the chance to get DUBI without buying and locking PRPS. It won’t be there forever, so get it while you can.

EDIT: It will stay on Uniswap and is also available on PancakeSwap now. I would recommend using PancakeSwap since the fees are a lot cheaper.

DUBI on Uniswap: Also make sure to add DUBI in Metamask: 0xF3D6Af45C6dFeC43216CC3347Ea91fEfBa0849D1

Getting DUBI on Uinswap is very easy. You just connect your Metamask and swap ETH for DUBI. Also, I would set slippage tolerance to 0.1%. (0.5% max)


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