Bachir Boumaaza aka Athene is best known for his YouTube Word of Warcraft content and for raising millions of dollars for Save The Children. Athene wants to do good and have a positive impact in the world, and for that reason he is now working together with between 40-60 volunteers. Read more

Here is a recent documentary about Athene and his past achievements and hurdles:

You can also watch the Docu with Twitch chat reaction here.

Here you can also read about Athene’s past charity efforts with Savethechildren:

In one of his streams, Athene explains how it all started and why he is now working on his own mobile game called Mobile Minigames.

No, they are volunteers, but they get everything they need. Athene explains why (start at 01:23):

Because of cancel culture and Athenes controversial persona he was forced to remove all videos from youtube.

Reese aka Abraham is the best friend of Athene who is working behind the scenes. He is responsible for all legal matters that surround their projects. He also provides the Supply and Buy-wall for Athene’s cryptocurrencies. You can read more about it in the Crypto FAQ post.


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