Game before Christmas :)

  • There’s a 60% chance that we can play the final closed Beta in August and 95% in September. The game launch should be 1-3 months afterwards.
  • Athene is now 40 years old 🙂
  • The Game is basically finished but the streaming and replay functionality takes longer than expected.
  • In the meantime, they are polishing the game even further and are nearly finished with the design of the Productivity App. They went away from gamification and will focus on functionality and ease of use. Furthermore, there won’t be any paywalls, everything will be free!
  • When you buy Gems with PRPS or DUBI it gets immediately burned.
  • Something crazy is going to happen with PRPS & DUBI but Athene can’t tell us yet. (check Yashik’s afterparty recording)
  • For all the MoMi updates like Futuremode etc. check Athene’s VOD below.

There are timestamps when you open the video on YouTube!


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