G4G Shop with insane discounts!

The gamingforgood.net shop, allows you to buy any deal for Mobile Minigames with a discount when you use GUBI, DUBI or PRPS. It assumes that PRPS & DUBI is at $13 and GUBI at $1.3 for 1k GUBI.

For example, the Golden Boost would cost me €10 in my Country but on the G4G Store I’m able to buy it for just 7680 GUBI, which is currently around $7,4.

You can check Cassidy’s Video on how to buy deals on G4G:

Make sure to check the prices of BSC DUBI and GUBI before you buy, for the best price possible. If you are planning are big purchase like TTTT Boost or Account Level Boost also check PRPS, since fees don’t matter so much when you spend a lot.

In the next few months, the G4G Shop will also receive a complete revamp.

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