Fork Done – We are on Polygon!

Everything moved to the Polygon Network today and GUBI was removed. That means if you had GUBI on your wallet, you have now PRPS instead (10$ = 1PRPS = 10kGUBI). So if you had 10k GUBI on your wallet, you should see 1 PRPS once you import the new Contract and switch to Polygon Network on Metamask.
Same goes for BSC DUBI and ERC20 DUBI & PRPS. You should now have POLYGON DUBI & PRPS.

You can also use to quickly check if everything is on your address.

Mobile Minigames uses PRPS

Ok, so what does that mean for Mobile Minigames. Here we have some great news! You can now turn Crypton into PRPS and you can already cash out just 500 Crypton, you don’t need 10,000 anymore! On top of that the developers send you a few cents worth of MATIC, which is used to pay for the fees when you want to sell or lock PRPS. MATIC is now the new BNB.

I will update the Crypton Cashout Guide this week.


Dubiex is still down but should be up tomorrow. In the meantime, you can already trade the coins on Quickswap (keep in mind the liquidity pool is small atm). To buy PRPS or DUBI you need Polygon MATIC or Polygon USDC, which you can buy on Binance for example.

Trade PRPS on Quickswap: 
Trade DUBI on Quickswap:

If you want to see your new Polygon PRPS & DUBI on Metamask or TrustWallet you need to add the Polygon Network and import the new Contracts. I will make a more detailed guide on that this week.

In short, just go to click on “Switch to Matic” and it will import Polygon Network into your Metamask. After that, add PRPS and DUBI with the contract addresses below:

Contract addresses for verification (official source,
PRPS (Polygon): 0x972999c58BbcE63a2e398d4ED3Bde414b8349eB3
DUBI (Polygon): 0x950e1561B7A7dEB1A32A6419FD435410daf851B0

For cashing out PRPS check:


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