First MoMi NFT Hero sold! $12k

Today FreePls sold his level 12, 12 star Kappa Hero on Opensea for 2.9 ETH which is close to 12k USD. It is the first Mobile Minigames NFT transaction so far.

FreePls pretty much turned $150 into over $12k, which is quite crazy. The buyer was PhoonReborn (called Top_Domains on Opensea) who follows the project for a long time.

Mr. PhoonReborn can now play with this NFT hero on his Mobile Minigames account and gain some nice progress in the campaign tower.

Athene even chatted with FreePls live on his stream:

He also interviewed Phoon who bought the NFT:

I think the NFT aspect of the game is really well-made and in a few weeks Athene will start with the marketing. I’m excited to see what’s going to happen.


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