1st Ascendance & Prestige 100

Hey guys, we got some community news today! The first Ascendance Chip was spun by Ramajuano. It’s the rarest thing you can get in Mobile Minigames and worth around 40 Billion Gems, probably even more! I don’t wanna spoil the rewards, watch the recording yourself.

Also, UCQX is the first player who managed to reach prestige 100. Athene thought people would need years to get there, but mister UCQX beats the campaign tower just 3 weeks after release. How you may ask? well, he emptied his wallet and played like a madman : )

He can still progress but only fight one boss a day.

There are also rumours that Athene may add prestige levels, so the end is not 100 but 1000.

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