Trade DUBI on Pancakeswap

DUBI is now available on PancakeSwap where you can trade with very low fees, especially when compared to Uniswap 🙂

So are there two different DUBI Coins now?
Not really, DUBI on PancakeSwap is a BEP-20 token that can be considered as wrapped DUBI from Ethereum (ERC-20). You can swap one for the other through AnySwap

If you wanna swap your ERC-20 DUBI to BEP-20 it should look like the screenshot below:

To trade DUBI on PancakeSwap you will need BNB instead of ETH to pay for transaction fees. You can buy BNB directly on Binance or other places like

You can get DUBI easily on & PancakeSwap (cheap fees!).

  1. To buy DUBI on Pancakeswap, you need BNB instead of ETH.
  2. You can buy BNB on Binance and send it to your Metamask Wallet. Just make sure you choose the BSC Chain (Binance should choose it automatically).
  3. After that, you go to and Connect your MetaMask Wallet. It will ask you to import the Binance Network, which you confirm.
  4. Add the DUBI Contract to Metamask and PancakeSwap: 0x9e40868e8024aa52433ad3af311dba88ff8c86bd (from
  5. Now you can Swap BNB for DUBI

I can recommend to watch Cassidy’s Video Guide on how to Swap GUBI for BNB. The steps are pretty much identical. The only difference is that you import the DUBI Contract instead of the GUBI Contract.

If you are using your smartphone, I can recommend Trust Wallet (App from Binance). It’s a bit more user-friendly than Metamask.

Before you start swapping, make sure you don’t have high slippage, I would set it to 0.1% or 0.5% in settings before you swap.

They are also planning to add the wrapped DUBI to the G4G Shop, so you can buy G4G deals for close to no fees.


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