Cow Villain Challenge is Live

The Cow Villain Challenge is now live, and 7 People already completed it! To do it you need to buy 500 Mystery Chests which will cost $5k. Yes it’s not a cheap challenge haha. If you want to go for it, use the G4G Shop

People who complete it will get a special “TTTT” Version of the limited Pet Doreiku and the top 3 ranked people will be featured in Week 1 pedestal forever. Who will be number 1 at the end of the week, I’m betting on Boodesu 😉
(TTTT stands for Together To The Top)

The awesome thing about this challenge is that other players can get some free swag. If you join someone’s community who completes this challenge, you will have a chance to get some free Mystery Chests. It will prioritize people who spend first, and after that it gets distributed to other members of the community.

I joined Boodesu’s Community before he bought the Chests and got 7×100 Crypton! You can get up to 10 Chests for free, that’s the limit! That means 1k Crypton for free!
>>> UPDATE 28.12.2021: It got changed: Whenever you buy a TTTT Boost, a new player that wasn’t referred will join your Community and get the Boost. That means it’s not possible anymore to hunt for free chests.

Soon they will also add a statue of the player who has the most TTTT skins!


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