MoMi & PRPS is moving to Polygon!

The developers will migrate everything to the Polygon Smart Chain. It allows for transactions with extremely low fees (just 1 or 2 cents per transaction). That means there will be a fork of PRPS & DUBI which will move everything to Polygon MATIC. The same goes for Mobile Minigames NFTs, Polygon is also supported by Opensea, so everything will pretty much stay the same for us users, except that we will have very cheap fees.

That means every transaction that currently costs insane ETH fees, like locking or buying PRPS, will be only a few cents. Same for trading NFTs on Opensea or Dubiex. The only difference is that instead of ETH, people will use Polygon MATIC to pay for the fees. MATIC can be bought on Coinbase and Binance for example.

Estimate Release Date: “Second Quarter 2022”

Those are great News, I’m really looking forward to it. Those high fees are really annoying.


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