Close to Final Beta

In 10 days Athene plans to stream and play the new Heartstone Expansion and promote the “close to final beta” of MoMi.

The final Beta should have been in mid-March already, but yeah, it was once again postponed . . .

For people who don’t know, Nolen was streaming the past 9 days and testing the game live with viewers. The newest Beta Build is from 17th March and you can download it on Nolens Twitch Channel, just type !beta in the chat.

I’ve tested the game quite a lot and it is in a very good state already. Streaming which was a big hurdle works great now. Sure bugs are still popping up here and there but it’s getting really close to being launch-ready. From my perspective, April seems a good bet.

Here are some funny clips from Nolens last stream:


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