Climbing the Campaign Tower!

This is going to be a long blog post because a lot has happened on my account the past days, but hopefully you can catch some useful tips from it.

Game Played:6 Days
Money Spend:$14
Crypton Balance:2,040
Account Level:4
VIP Level:VIP 1
Salepoint Balance:64
Sale Points used:25
GUBI Balance:0

Buying more Deals

Before I go into the details, I’ve decided to increase the budget from $15 to $30. I realized that farming the daily 50 cents deals is just too important. The earlier you start buying these, the better! Depending on Events, your Luck and rarity of the limited Skin, most people should be able to make a profit in about 2 – 6 weeks.

From now on, I will buy the two Daily 50 Cent Deals (Daily Sales Boost & Quest Completion Prize) and the two Weekly 50 Cent Deals (Streamer Gift & Pet Bonus Bank!)

Once I climbed to Prestige 8, I’ve also used 25 of my SP to get the Prestige Boost!
It allowed me to reach VIP 1, which gives a lot of rewards. Around 100 mill gems, few hundred Trihards, some Mega chips and more. I managed to grind to Prestige 10 and turned my 25 SP into 30. It wasn’t easy, but anyone can do it 😉
Once I reach Prestige 18 I will buy it with Salepoints again!

Achievement Event and Seasonal Event

After your Tutorial and your first weekly reset, you will start getting Achievement Events each week. Completing them is high priority because they give you a legendary shiny Pet, a 9-Star Hero, legendary Artifact and a lot of Stars.

I’m not sure if everyone starts with the “Fighting Event”. But depending on which one you get, you should be able to complete it in the same week. The great thing about the Achievement and Seasonal Events is that they count even if they are not active. So you don’t have to worry if you don’t manage to complete it, since it will keep your progress.

This week was the Athene Coin Event, which is a currency Seasonal Event, which allowed me to collect some stars for the Legendary Event and Golden Boost.

Trihard Pet Passive & Hero Skins

Climbing to prestige 10 in the campaign tower is not easy as a new player. But with the correct setup and enough grinding, you can do it in the first Week of playing!

Early on, Pet Abilities are not that strong, but there is one exception and that’s the “Skin Collector” Passive from the Trihard Pet. That one is really OP and will allow you to climb to Prestige 8-10. It will buff all your Skins by around 30%, more or less, depending on the Stars of your Trihard Pet. In combination with the Attack Skin Buff, your Team will be much stronger. (I expect it to get nerfed, so maybe it was already changed when you read this)

Go to the Spellbook select your Pet with the most Stars and equip the Skin Collector as the first Passive. If you can’t change Abilities, you need to Summon Trihards Scrolls first to unlock that feature.

After that, you go to the Achievements Building > Pets to select it. (Video Guide)

It will activate on Weekly Reset. As you can see in the Faceswap building, it buffed my skins from 12% to 42%!

My Campaign Tower Strategy

I summoned all my Trihards and Pogchamps and Upgrade my Heroes. Usually I wouldn’t upgrade when the Upgrade Event isn’t achievable, but because the Fighting Event is so good, I had to upgrade all my Heroes.

I’ve tried to have one strong Warrior and Mage in each faction on level 7. With Level 7 you unlock the first ability, and the “Kamikaze” Mage Ability is great for climbing in the Campaign. Put the Mage that counters the Faction you are facing in the frontline and boom the enemies will explode 😉

(Disclaimer I’m not a Pro when it comes to knowing the best Classes and Abilities, but this strategy worked quite well.)

Furthermore, make sure to equip Skins with the ATK Buff on your strongest heroes. The Skins that are selected in my Streamer Talents will be the best, because they get additional buffs. I think for newbies, the Athene Skin is the best choice for LuL, because you can get many additional skins very cheap on the Auction House.

Enable Replays for Achievements

I highly recommend enabling Replays in your Settings. If you get a good Replay from Summoning or Spinning and post it in Hotstories you will get Hall of Fame Achievements which increase your Account Power.

My first Shiny Legendary Pet

After grinding the Campaign Tower and the Arena for hours, I managed to complete the Fighting Event! Legendary Events allow you to choose the faction, which is awesome. I wanted to have a good-looking Pet, so I went to future mode multiple times to check which Pets I could get. You can check your Future by clicking your Avatar > Dice > Reveal All

Very important tip here: When you choose the color, click the left button once to get the “non-colored” Shiny version.

The benefit of non-colored Shinies is that they create random colored Pets when paired with another shiny. That means you will get more Achievement overtime, since all type of colors will drop! That’s why my goal is to collect at least one Shiny Legendary Pet for each faction!
Not only do they print colored Pets, they also increase your luck by 75% to get more rare Pets! As you can see, my SMORC Faction is now at 88%.

Since I got a 7 Star Level 3 Pet from the Event, I swapped the Stars and Levels to my active Pet. (to learn more check the Video Guide from iSkittles)

Instead of keeping the Pet, you could also sell it for a few thousand Crypton on the Auction House. But in my opinion, that’s a very big mistake. They give you a lot of Achievements, which means faster leveling and once you reach enough luck you will start getting very good Pets that sell easily on the Auction House. Once you reach the Soft cap where your Luck in the faction doesn’t increase anymore, which is usually 3-4 Shiny Legendaries, I would start selling them.

Subscription Trials

I did a bunch of Trials for in-game Subscriptions. Make sure to cancel them immediately, and you get some nice free rewards 😉 You can click the Most Popular Pet and to see all available Subscriptions, most of them have trials. There is one that gives you a free Madness Spin!
Don’t do the same trial Subscriptions over and over again, only once! Else you might get punished!

Account Level 4 and what comes next

I was quite lucky, because when I reached 1500 Stars for the Epic Hero and Pet, the Artifact upgraded from Epic to Legendary, which gave me another Level.
I’ve also managed to complete the Golden Boost, and can Prestige now if I want. Doing Prestige is always good, because you get the top Rewards even if you don’t complete it at the end of the month.

My first Goal is to reach Account Level 5, and it seems that we get there with the new weekly reset. (I just got a bit lucky with Events, so it may take one or two weeks longer for you) Why am I waiting for Level 5? Because I want to buy limited Skins with Salepoints. BUT I will wait for a legendary limited Pet or Hero! They give a lot of VIP points, which are very important early on. Reaching VIP 2, 3 and 4 gives a lot of rewards. Furthermore, they give more extra Crypton than Rare or Epic limited Skins.

So yeah, once I’m Level 5 and a legendary limited Skin appears, I will buy it and sell it for Crypton. The question will be if we sell immediately or not. I will see what the best strategy is.

That’s it, I wonder if anyone read this wall of text haha. See you next time guys.


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