Claim MoMiNewsnet Skins

Once you download Mobile Minigames and connect your Account with Twitch you are able to collect skins from other players. You can use them for your Heroes or trade them for crypton in the auction house. Collecting skins from high-level players will also give a good amount of Skin points to buff your heroes.

If you follow me on Twitch you will get my first 4 skins for free.

I’m doing 1000 Daily Crypton Giveaways in my Community!

Since you visited, I’ll give away my Epic Skin for free:

ff9866ce-b019-4efe-a71e-455451ac7108 (copy this skin key, only limited available!)

To claim it, go to your G4G dashboard, click on “Redeem Key” and copy-paste the code above.

You can also copy and paste it into the riddle form in Mobile Minigames instead and click solve to claim it.


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