Buy deals with GUBI on G4G!

On the GamingforGood Shop you can buy all Mobile Minigames deals with GUBI now. The cool thing about GUBI is that it’s treated like Dollars and the transaction fees are only around $0.25. For example, if you buy $100 worth of GUBI you can buy $100 worth of Deals unless the GUBI Price changes in the meantime : ).

To use GUBI you need BNB to pay for the fees and have MetaMask set to Binance Network. Once you click on any G4G Deal and on “use PRPS” it will ask you to connect with MetaMask. After you connected you should see the GUBI price if you are on Binance Smart Chain. I will make an in depth tutorial on the weekend.

So G4G allows now PRPS (ERC20), DUBI (ERC20), DUBI (BEP20) and GUBI (BEP20).

Also, PRPS and DUBI will be treated as $10 in the G4G Shop tomorrow or the day after. People will even be able to pay with locked PRPS if they want to (Athene mentioned that on Stream, but I don’t know how that would work).


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