Burn NFTs get PRPS!

There is now a new feature where you can burn (destroy) your Mobile Minigames NFTs and get PRPS in return. It has a very cool system, where your NFT grows in value with each season and each burn. The longer you hold onto your NFT, the more it will be worth. Learn more burn.clashofstreamers.com

Frequently Asked Questions

(Source burn.clashofstreamers.com FAQ)

How do I burn my hero or pet?
In order to burn a Mobile Minigames hero or pet to earn PRPS, you first need to turn it into an NFT by exporting it to the blockchain. After doing so, you can burn it for PRPS on the Burn page.

Which NFTs can be burned?
Only max level and max star hero and pet NFTs can be burned. For heroes, this is a 12-star level 12 hero; for pets, this is a 9-star level 4 pet.

What happens if I burn my NFT?
After burning your NFT, it is permanently gone – and, due to the nature of the blockchain, is unrecoverable. This means that you will forever be unable to reap the rewards of a higher NFT value should you have waited.

What happens if I wait and don’t burn my NFT?
If you do not burn your NFT, you are still free to sell it on decentralized marketplaces such as OpenSea.io. By waiting, you are improving the odds of your NFT rising in value due to other exporting and burning NFTs, increasing the amount you would be able to sell – or burn – your NFT for.

What is PRPS?
PRPS (Purpose) is a cryptocurrency that can be used to unlock in-game deals in the Mobile Minigames crypto shop, and can also be used to mint DUBI. It can also be freely traded on decentralized exchanges such as DubiEx. To learn more, check out prps.io.

How are PRPS rewards determined?
Rewards are determined based on an initial PRPS value, and the PRPS multiplier of each season. When the PRPS multiplier is multiplied against the initial value, you get the rewards you see for each season’s NFTs.

Over time, the PRPS multiplier goes up based on a couple of different factors: how many NFTs get burned, and how many NFTs get exported. Every time an NFT gets burned, the multiplier of the other NFT type for all seasons is increased. For example, if a hero is burned in season 5, the PRPS multiplier for pets in every season will increase – and vice versa. Additionally, every time an NFT gets exported in a later season, the multiplier of the other NFT type for all previous seasons is increased. For example, if a hero is exported in season 3, the PRPS multiplier for pets in seasons 1 and 2 will increase.

Additionally, whenever an NFT is burned, all other NFTs in that current season increase linearly based on a predefined amount. For example, if the first NFT burn in season 7 would yield 50 PRPS, the second and third burn would yield 100 and 150 respectively.

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