Building NFTS & Much More!

The past days we got tons of new information about upcoming changes and updates. A little disclaimer here: all the upcoming updates that I’m mentioning could still change, but the general idea behind them will likely stay.

Big Patch in 2-5 Days – Featuring Auction House

Mobile Minigames will receive a huge patch likely this weekend that will cut the loading times in half and add many new Auction House features like Filters and Buy Orders! There are a lot more other changes that Athene mentioned on his stream:

The Community patch with the new Raffle features got postponed, but should come withing the next month.

Future Patch – Tons of new upcoming NFT Features:

Thanks to the cheap Polygon fees, they are finally in a position to add awesome NFT features that weren’t possible with Ethereum. Athene said all the new features will get added in the next 1-2 Months:

1. Low Level Exports and Merging NFTs

Players will be able to export Pets & Heroes with low Stars and Levels. Every NFT Hero & Pet will get a random number and constellation symbol assigned to it. To give an example: you will be able to merge 5 Heroes that have the same stars+levels, same constellation, number, faction and class.

That’s not easy to get and requires a lot of trading on the auction house.
So what’s the benefit of merging, you may ask. If you manage to merge 5x 1-Star, Level-1 Heroes, you will get a 5-Star, Level-5 minimum, but if you are lucky it can roll a higher Hero, even a max Star!

Here is a preview of the design:

2. Passive Crypton with NFTs

As most players probably know, there is a 5% cut when you buy something with Crypton or gift to other players. A big part of the cut will get redistributed amongst NFT holders every day when the patch goes live.
The amount you get will depends on a few factors like stars and levels. Additionally, newly created NFTs will get priority, but if you have an older NFT you will be able to get priority as well by imbuing a certain amount of DUBI onto the NFT.

When you imbue DUBI onto your NFT, you can only get it back by burning it. So it’s like locking DUBI to get Crypton in return. Imbued DUBI will also get removed from the total circulation. Here is an early mockup of the design:

If you have older NFTs without DUBI you have the option to give some kind of “Scholarship” to other players instead. If a player accepts it, he will get the Crypton that you missed out on so far, but you will get a cut of all his progress in return! The size of the cut depends on how old the Hero is and his stars & levels, of course.

3. Monthly exclusive NFT Hero and Building Skins

Each month, there will be a unique NFT Hero and Building skin you can buy with Crypton. Players will be also able to use their duplicate Pets as currency for these specific Skins, which will have the benefit of reducing the supply of Pets and giving f2p players some nice discounts. For example, if the Hero Skins costs 10k Crypton you can reduce the price by sacrificing a certain amount of Pets or even pay the full price just with your pets.

Now here comes the best part: all Crypton that is spent to buy these skins will get added to the daily distribution pool for NFT holders!

What’s the difference between a NFT Hero Skin and a normal Hero Skin, you may wonder. Well if you equip an NFT Skin onto your Hero it will get the Crypto Effects too, and you can easily send NFT Skins to other accounts since it’s on the blockchain.

Furthermore, NFT Skins will generate Passive Crypton too!

4. Make NFTs out of your Building or Hero Skins

You will be able to export a building if you have 5 copies of it. Exporting a Building Skin will likely cost 100k and exporting a Hero Skin 10K Crypton.

What are the benefits? These NFT Skins will generate Passive Crypton forever, will give you an achievement that reduces the cost of the monthly exclusive Skins, and you get a nice effect.

Other News

The game is doing great! The ROAS are better than ever, they will increase the AD budget more and more.

Athene is also planning some bigger marketing stunts once all those features are implemented. The future of Mobile Minigames is looking very bright!


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