Big Patch in 2 weeks!

Athene dropped some News about Mobile Minigames on Tania’s Stream yesterday.

Basically, we can expect the next big MoMi patch in about 2 weeks. The two main changes will be the Tutorial revamp and the Campaign reset:

  • Everyone will start at Prestige 0 again. You will keep all your loot and achievements from the campaign, and will be able to unlock all rewards again.
  • They will also add Kappa and Kappapride to the Campaign tower. They will remove the current system with those boosted wins and do some other adjustments, but I don’t have any details.
  • Streamer talents will be “smart” so you don’t have to adjust them all the time.
  • The Cow will be very central in the game, especially during the Tutorial. They will also add “Cow stones” which you need to collect to progress and free Pets from the villain.
  • The Cow will even add you as a friend as you play and chat with you.
  • You will be able to use Snapchat like filters when you take a selfie.
  • Your face will be cut out live while looking at your screen.
  • Plus all the Tutorial changes and more that were mentioned in my last post


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