Big News – NFT Buy Wall!

We have quite some news today. Before I go into the good stuff, I have to deliver some bad news: with today, people won’t be able to export low level heroes or pets for now, so only maxed out pets and heroes can be exported. The reason is simple, ETH fees are just too high right now and since they are paying for it, they burn money with every low level export.

Let’s move to the good news and updates:

  • There will be a DUBI buy wall for maxed out Mobile Minigames NFTs. Those NFTs will be pegged to DUBI that means the owner can destroy/burn his NFT to turn it into DUBI. Early season NFTs will get higher value buy walls, but Athene hasn’t disclosed the amount yet.
    This system will make exporting really attractive, if DUBI goes up in value, the NFT also goes up. Amazing News I have to say!
  • They also made a NFT AD for their upcoming marketing push. They will already start pushing it from tomorrow on to test it.
  • will receive a redesign soon and also a new professional made Whitepaper.
  • Athene may add a baby cow as a pet with a future update : )
  • The Raffle feature for Streamers will be implemented very soon.
  • If the game is successful, Athene will start doing raffles with insane giveaways. Like free NFT exports and thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies.
  • Athene is considering a makeover before the big marketing push. No hobo look anymore.


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