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Unofficial Roadmap


MoMi Shop Revamp

The Gaming4Good Shop allows players to get Mobile Minigames Deals with a big discount. The Shop will receive a complete revamp and will be made more mobile friendly.


Land Expansion

Biggest Update of 2022 with tons of new features. Players will be able to buy plots of land, generate Crypton with their NFTs, collect blocks and build whatever they want, plus Arena PVP revamp & more!


Crypton Mine

They will add a Crypton Mine for communities. It will be like a gamified Spellbook. Furthermore, players will be able to imbue DUBI on it to increase generation!


Legacy Burnwall

The Burn Wall we had for NFTs will be frozen, which means prices won’t be affected by new exports anymore. Only Season 1-12 (called Legacy NFTs) will have the burn option.


MoMi Charity Integration

They will work with charities to indentify people from extreme poverty. Those people in need will get flagged so players can support them in various ways, which will provide them with basic income! Learn more


Productivity App Launch

The Productivity App is a Project for the future. It will be an all-in-one App for all popular productvity Apps out there, but with a gamified twist.


Timeline Heading

This is Timeline description, you can change me anytime click here

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